Feb. 6, 2022

Update On Prayer Summit - "It's Personal"


I hope you are as excited as we are about the 21 Days of Prayer!

During the 21 days some of us will be consecrating. The details are shared below for anyone who would like to come along on this spiritual journey. There are just 4 points of concentration.

1. We will only be consuming liquids from 2/8/2022 through the end of the month 2/28/2022. This may be your opportunity to try some of those new juices and teas you have been wanting to sample.

2. Minimize and eliminate as much as possible, any unnecessary talking. Be mindful of your conversations.

3. Be an active listener - - both naturally and spiritually. When our bodies are less full of food it is easier to hear spiritually. Hear and heed the voice of the Lord. Pay attention to what people around you are saying. Really listen and hear them.

4. Meditate on the scriptures that will be shared each day on the prayer call.

I don't know about you but I feel differently already. All I know is, God Is Up To Something!!!

If it's not "Too Personal" (smile) please consider sharing your praise reports. We are expecting the Lord to do some great things for you during the next 3 weeks and beyond!