Feb. 5, 2022

Prayer Announcement - "It's Personal"

Authority To Edify is facilitating a 21 - Day Prayer Summit via telephone.

The purpose is to get personal with the Lord and to yield to Him getting personal with us.

It is common to move away from the Lord during trying times. Adam and Eve did it after they were disobedient and sinned. We may do it when we are overwhelmed, distressed, distracted, physically weak or ill. It is time to strengthen the relationship we have with the Lord whether we are already in a good place or not. He wants to do more with us, for us, through us and in us.

These are the details of the Summit.

Prayer Summit Title: "It's Personal"  - this is not about what someone else is or isn't doing in their walk with and service to the Lord. This is for you, for you. And this is for me, for me.

Prayer Summit Dates: Daily from February 8 through 28, 2022

Prayer Summit Time: 7am Eastern Time

Prayer Summit Base Scripture: Isaiah 45: 1-3 AMP

Prayer Summit Phone Number: 602-580-9349

Prayer Summit Access Code: 3901806#

Other details and information will be shared during the first call. Please prayerfully consider participating in these calls. 

May the Love of the Father, the Grace of the Son and the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit bless your life today and always!