Mar. 16, 2020

A Word From the Lord

There are many measures to take place. Some good and some not so good. All will come together to perform the whole will of the Lord. All the righteous will survive and thrive in the ways of the Lord. All the wicked will fall by the sword, by pestilence or by their own hand.

The guards are guarding (the angels of the Lord commissioned to protect His people).

The sin of greed and power has overcome some. They are willing to gain power at any cost. They have no qualms at all about mass murder disguised as a medical emergency. They have no conscience about creating panic and taking lives to further their own agendas of greed and power. They are the tools of satan.

Be not afraid of their faces, their words, their plots or their plans. The Word of God and the plan of God will prevail. All of My people are safe. All the ones who have put their trust in Me are fully protected. I am in control of all life and living. No one is able to overcome, overpower or overthrow what I have ordained and determined. That is why I have it already recorded in My book. It is already done. The victory is already won. Cast all your cares on Me. There is no fear for the people of God.

My wisdom will prevail and guide you as you hear and obey My voice. They are seemingly small steps of obedience but they will yield huge results. Don’t dismiss anything that I tell you or show you. I will show you what to do and where to go. Don’t deviate from what I tell you. If I say 10, stick with 10, not 9 and not 11…10.

There is a path that the people of God are to follow. I am the only One who knows the way. I Am the Way. I Am the Truth and I Am the Life. Follow Me. Do not rely on your own version of truth. Do not rely on the opinions of those who don’t know Me. You are chosen and I will not let you fall.