Jan. 17, 2020

Authority To Edify - Part Three

Understanding the Power of the Authority To Edify

Paul so strictly understood the effectiveness of this authority, that he restated his position recorded earlier (II Corinthians 10:8) at the end of his letter. In the last chapter, II Corinthians 13:10, right before his farewell acknowledgments, he wrote this:

II Corinthians 13:10 KJV –

Therefore I write these things being absent, lest being present I should use sharpness, according to the power which the Lord hath given me to edification, and not to destruction.

 This is similar to how a wise parent may wait to discuss an issue with an offending child. A wise parent does not want to exact punishment at the height of their anger or frustration. They wait until they have calmed down and the child has calmed down. The parent may need time to prepare their words and organize their thoughts so the child actually learns and benefits from the interaction. In many cases a good parent also wants to comfort the child. You don’t want to send them away with feelings of anxiety. A wise parent builds them up by letting them know their behavior in this instance did not reflect who they are or who God made them to be. Some type of punishment is necessary because children and adults need to understand there are consequences associated with our actions. But good parents get no pleasure out of punishment. But it is a necessary tool to help teach obedience, boundaries, self-control and consequences.

How To Demonstrate the Authority To Edify

  1. Words – this is usually the quickest way and often produces an immediate positive response. Speak well of people. Acknowledge their achievements and advances. Be sincere and kind.
  2. Actions – show people that you value them and recognize their strengths, gifts and talents. We can do this by recommending them for a task, an assignment, a job, a service. Ask them to assist you in a project. This doesn’t usually produce the same quick result as words but the effect may be longer-lasting and more substantial. This is because the invitation or recommendation indicates your confidence in them and their ability to learn and / or complete the task. Their participation not only boosts their confidence but also creates an experience that they can always recall and draw from. It is helpful when facing a challenge to be able to remember another difficult assignment that you completed successfully.
  3. Prayer – we all can do this. We can talk to our Father and ask Him to edify this person in whatever ways the Holy Spirit reveals to us. The other two demonstrations (words and actions) sometimes may be hindered by logistics. But prayer is unhindered. We can edify or build up or encourage people through prayer. They may wake up feeling so good and assured in God. They may enjoy a calm, stress-free day and be blessed with the sunniest of dispositions. Don’t discount the edification through prayer just because you may not have the opportunity to see the results up close. Prayer is absolutely effective as an Authority To Edify.


Why Is This Important To the Remnant?

Those who remain, the remnant, are not randomly selected. We are not here by happenstance or accidentally or coincidentally. We are specifically selected because of our willingness to serve, our willingness to follow instructions and our passion for and interest in the things that the Lord directs our attention to. He chose us to make a difference here and now. Right where you are.

We are here because there are assignments with our names on them. Assignments that require diligence, perseverance and tenacity. The assignments may not be easy but they are doable. When we are edified, we are strengthened. We can go further, last longer and stay stronger.

Since we have the authority and we know the importance of its power, we are charged with exercising it faithfully and frequently. We are one body with many assignments. Each body part works best when rested, hydrated, strengthened, connected, afforded optimal circulation and generally healthy. Edification promotes all of those. We have been given delegated authority to edify, build up, strengthen the structure of the body of Christ. This helps us all to fulfill God’s calling and purposes on our lives.


Thank you for visiting this site. I pray that your resolve to edify the body has been strengthened!