Nov. 3, 2018

David's Experience

Psalm 32 is written by David about the issue that erupted in his life concerning Bathsheba, (See II Samuel 11). This post will concentrate on the first four verses of the Psalm.

Psalm 32:1 Blessed is the one
    whose transgressions are forgiven,
    whose sins are covered.

David is expressing his gratitude and thankfulness that his sin is forgiven. David's confession and repentance yielded God's forgiveness on his behalf. David's sin, because he adopted the right attitude and acknowledgment, was also covered or concealed. That means that God does not bring it up anymore. God continues His relationship with those who confess and repent as if the transgression never happened. When God looks at us, He doesn't see the sin that has been confessed and forsaken. The sin is covered, not removed. Only the blood of Jesus delivers from the power and penalty of sin. Jesus died on the cross so that our sins may be removed. But we have to receive His sacrifice in order for the removal to be applicable in our lives. If you have not received Him as Savior and Lord of your life, do so now. Ask Him to come into your heart and submit your life to Him.

We know that repentance involves more than being sorry. Repentance is also characterized by turning away from the sin and the activities associated with it. Repentance reflects having a changed mind and heart about the sin. It is important to view sin from God's perspective. God knows that all sin is destructive. He knows that sin is not fun or exciting or acceptable or desirable or thrilling. We are to loathe sin and be repulsed by it...especially our own. Sin should bother the believer. We should not be comfortable with or accepting of sin in any degree.

Psalm 32:2 Blessed is the one
    whose sin the Lord does not count against them
    and in whose spirit is no deceit.

This verse shows that David is so happy and relieved that God does not hold sin against a person who has come clean before Him and is not operating deceitfully. Some people are only sorry about sin while they are in the "Hot Seat". As soon as the pressure is off, they go right back to what they were doing.

Psalm 32:3 When I kept silent,
    my bones wasted away
    through my groaning all day long.

David expresses the discomfort and anguish he endured before he acknowledged his wrong doing. During this time, (probably about one year - see II Samuel 11:26-27) David is in turmoil about the situation he has created. The adultery, murder and developing consequences weighed heavily upon him. David had no peace. He was anguished and distressed all day, every day. The gravity of his actions left him weak and comfortless.

Psalm 32:4 For day and night
    your hand was heavy on me;
my strength was sapped
    as in the heat of summer.

Not only was David troubled during his waking hours but he couldn't even rest well at night. Whatever sparkle had been in his life was gone. The dew of his life had become a desert. Nothing brought him peace or joy. Games, amusements, hobbies, entertainment, distractions, indulgences, addictions...none of those things brought any relief or pleasure to his mind, heart or spirit.

This is some of what may be learned from these verses:

1. Don't sin. Whatever enjoyment or advantage a person may perceive to derive from sin is short-lived.

2. Sin never fully delivers on its promises. Sin shows you a Bentley ($218,400) but delivers a bicycle ($79.99).

3. Sin costs more than you expected to pay.

4. Sin takes you farther than you wanted to go.

5. Sin keeps you longer than you planned to stay.

6. Sin lies - - - don't believe the hype.

7. Sin is not your friend.

8. If you do sin, go before the Lord and repent.

9. Develop and employ a plan of action to avoid a repeat of the deadly offence.

10. Ask God to direct you to a person who is spiritually mature to help you with #9 above.

11. Forgive yourself and forgive others.

12. Get strong in the Lord so you can be #10 above for someone else.

May God continue to Bless You on your journey.