Sep. 21, 2018

Hear and Obey

As children, followers, believers and disciples it is imperative that we listen to the voice of the Lord. Then follow his commands. If we consistently do this then we will enjoy good success. As we live, pray, work and worship we should endeavor to "Hear and Obey". What is the Spirit of the Lord speaking to us individually and as the body of Christ? We are to be yielded and obedient to what is revealed to us. Our actions should be in concert with what the Lord has said. 

Sometimes people pray and hear or receive understanding in their spirits as to what the will of the Lord is. But for various reasons they refuse to accept and act on what they heard. Sometimes their refusal is due to fear. Sometimes it is due to ego or a lack of humility. Sometimes it is because of stubbornness or rebellion.

Since our God is all-knowing and all-wise it is always best to trust what He says. His plan for your life is even better than you can think or imagine! He sees everything and is aware of everything. Every decision we make in our humanity, is based on very limited information and knowledge. Why not fully rely on the One who knows it all?

Based on "Hearing and Obeying", here are nine reminders regarding this topic. There are many other scriptures that may apply.

(Heart) - pray with desire. Don't be ambiguous or vague about the things of God. Be moved with intense desire for Him. See James 5:16 and Acts 20:24.

E (Energy) - pray with passion. Refuse to be passive and placid (mild, calm, unexcitable). Be energetic. Be determined, potent and effective. Demonstrate power and persistence as you pursue the passions of God. See Acts 20:24.

A (Absolute) - be fully persuaded. Pray with precision. Be accurate and decisive. Know what you are asking God to do or are thanking Him for. Be specific. Proclaim and declare your desires and petitions. Be certain and sure. See John 17:20 and Acts 26:18

R (Reverence) - pray with holiness, loyalty and awe. Acknowledge God's greatness and the wonder of His power and mercy. See Matthew 6:6-10.

and - this is the connector for the two parts of this equation. In order to realize good success we must employ both parts: Hearing and Obeying. Hearing what God says without doing what He says is ineffective and fruitless. Doing without hearing means we are making our own decisions without consulting the Lord at all. That is always a recipe for disaster. See Joshua 1:9 and Psalm 27:14.

O (Open) - accept and embrace change. Be prepared for and expect the miraculous, the unusual, the peculiar and the extraordinary. Receive ALL that God has made available to us through the privilege of prayer. See Mark 7:9.

B (Believe) - have faith in God. Exercise your faith. Stretch your faith. Believe the Word of God; the Logos (written) and the Rhema (revealed to your born-again spirit). See Mark 11:22.

E (Everything) - yield to the whole will of God. Resist the temptation to compartmentalize and only obey sometimes, in some areas, in some ways. We are to yield our minds and members to the whole will of God as He makes it known to us. See Proverbs 3:5.

(You!) - be a willing, prepared and obedient participant in what God is doing; not as a leader, but as a follwer, a disciple. We are to learn His ways and follow His plan, not our own. The Lord wants our willing participation. We must pray, work and war for the advancement of His Glorious Kingdom! See Isaiah 1:19-20.