Jan. 25, 2018

Keeping the Unity - Ephesians 4:3

These last three posts from Ephesians 4 have been about the walk or life and ministry of disciples of Jesus. We are not permitted to live this life according to our own feelings or judgments. Each person has their own perspective based on multiple factors such as culture, environment, family, individual temperament and experience. The Lord gave us His standard so there is harmony and consistency among the members of the body of Christ. His rule also gives us a guide that doesn't change. His way provides stability. The Word of God is our rule, the standard by which we are to live and minister. The final verse in this series is Ephesians 4:3 (KJV).

Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

"Endeavouring" may be thought of as a specific, devoted, ongoing effort. Believers are to consistently apply godly principles to keep or protect unity. The Spirit of God is already unified so believers aren't charged with making or creating unity. Only ungodly spirits and ungodly characteristics disrupt unity. Pride and fear (discussed in the previous post) promote disunity. Neither of these have any part with the Holy Spirit. When believers walk in the Spirit or live according to the Holy Spirit, there is no disunity.Our part isn't to try to unify. The Spirit of God has already done that. Our part is to walk in it, to keep it and to protect it.

This Unity of the Spirit is perfect oneness that is pure in every aspect. It is pure in origin, in motivation and in practice. The ways in which it is performed or exercised is pure.

The bond of peace is the strength that holds it all together. The bond of peace enables all that is instructed in Ephesians 4:1-3 to be accomplished with ease.

Verse 1 says what to do: walk worthily. Verse 2 details how to do it: with humility, with meekness, with patience and with strength that helps support others. Verse 3 shares the desired accomplishment: to keep or protect the unity of the Spirit. When we know what the goals are it is easier to know if we are meeting them or not. The Bible is very specific about how we are to conduct ourselves. God provided practical instructions that are easy to apply.

Enjoy a great day!