Jul. 3, 2017

Where To Find Peace

So many people seek peace. Even the Bible confirms that people ought to not only seek peace but also pursue it. Chase it down down like a wild hunting dog on the hot trail of a scared rabbit.

Psalm 34:14 KJV Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace and pursue it.

This verse shows that peace and evil are on opposite sides of the fence. A person involved with evil thoughts, evil deeds and evil words is void of peace. The two (evil and peace) cannot coexist within the same vessel. Evil stirs up everyting that is anti-peace. Evil is supported by anger, revenge, discord, slander and so many other deadly characteristics. One may not see anger, revenge, discord and slander as deadly but they all lead to death. They all suffocate life and kill godly productivity. If evil is present in a person then peace cannot operate there. The two are diabolically opposed.

Peace tends toward unity, serenity, tranquility and positive production. Evil can never produce anything good. Peace draws people together in ways that benefit each individual as well as the group. Peace carries the blessings of the Lord. If His peace is present, His blessings are there and are functioning to produce something good. (See Psalm 133)

Everybody needs peace but not everyone knows where or how to find it. Temporary peace can be found by doing something relaxing like restfully stretching out on the beach. Some people are at peace when curled up with a good book, a soft rain and a quiet room. Others find peace through physical activity like mowing the lawn or tending the garden. Some people find that creativity brings them peace. So they paint, draw, weave, write or sculpt.

There is also false peace. People who use drugs and/or alcohol to escape their troubles are looking for peace. These substances help them forget, for a short while, what they don't want to face.

There is only one place to find everlasting peace. It is the place of trusting God. In that place all doubts are squashed. All fears are silenced. All troubles are harnessed. When you truly understand that the Lord is really who He says He is you will trust Him without question. Just like evil, fear cannot dwell in the same heart as peace. Let your heart trust the Lord completely and fear will not have a voice in your life. It is said that into each life some rain must fall. We all have trouble from time to time. But the peace of God will harness trouble. Trusting God tells trouble it can only go so far and it can only do so much. Peace keeps trouble from raging through your life like a crazed, rabid tyrannosaurus. Real peace from God is for all of His people. His peace is much more effective than a pill or a gin and tonic. Peace in a bottle is a fooler. First you swallow it, then later it swallows you.

In the writing of Peter, he reminds the readers of the admonition of Psalm 34:14. The NLT records it this way:

Turn away from evil and do good. Search for  peace, and work to maintain it. I Peter 3:11

Thank you for reading. Next time Psalm 125 describes the assurance that is found in trusting God.