Jun. 12, 2017

The Peace of God

Colossians 3:15

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.

Many blessings issue forth from activating this wisdom: allowing the peace of God to rule in your heart.

When you allow His peace to rule, you submit to His peace making the decisions for your life. You permit His peace to determine what passions you nurture and what your heart will embrace.

When His peace is allowed to have the dominating authority in your heart then you won't accept or operate in any ol' kind of peace. This verse, Colossians 3:15 specifically identifies the peace to which we are to submit. God's peace is the only peace that doesn't lack. It is sufficient for any situation that a person may encounter. God's peace can be totally trusted. It won't get you into trouble. It always perseveres. God's peace persists against any challenge, and wins!

There are other types of peace. There is conditional peace.  Conditional peace says I will allow or participate peacefully as long as the situation or those involved meet my conditions or my stipulations, my expectations or my demands. I will get along as long as things go my way. This is selfish self-centeredness and not a true expression of peace at all.

There is also fractional peace. It says I will only give you a piece of peace. You only get a fraction of peace from me. I'm only going to offer peace in one or two areas. If anyone tries to step over into a place where I have not designated there is going to be a ruckus. There will be fireworks...and not the 4th of July kind. This kind of mindset and behavior demonstrate a form of self-preservation. If someone ventures over into a sensitive area fractional peace blows up and goes ballistic. It overreacts because an area has been touched that needs healing. It needs the balm of God's peace. Unwarranted explosions like this can be a defense mechanism. It's a way of keeping people off of and away from that sore toe. If fractional peace throws a hissy fit anytime that area is approached, people will learn to avoid it.

Fractional peace also does not let folks off the hook. It doesn't let go of past offences. It always withholds something good. At the same time also holds something bad: a grudge. Fractional peace will never let the perceived offender breathe a total sigh of relief. It isn't at full, godly rest and peace. It seeks to prevent others from experiencing the release that is present when God's peace rules. Fractional peace adorns itself with the flower of mistrust. It may seem attractive but is actually a prickly poisonous weed.

The peace of God is real peace. It is authentic. It isn't pretending to be peace. A person who is truly submitted to the rulership of God invites His uncontested reign in their heart. For that person, God's peace has full freedom to  abide in any and all areas of life. If peace wants to travel back into the past and settle some issues there, you allow it. You submit to peace soothing the hurts, erasing the sting, softening the memories and banishing the guilt and the shame.

If peace wants to set up shop in your "right now" and do a wonderous work in you, you allow it. Instead of worrying and being overly concerned about some current inconsistencies in your life you yield to His peace. You allow Him and His peace to have control. You release the reins and trust Him. What has worry ever done for you? Nothing positive.

Suppose God's peace wants to advance into your future and squash every fear? Let Him! God's peace silences the "What if's" of the future. What if such and such happens? What if I don't have this relationship or that body or those resources or this income or a decent place to live? What if there is no one in the future to love me? The ruling peace of God will keep fear's voice quiet. God's peace will make fear shut up. But His peace must be given permission to establish His dominion in your heart. You make the decision to give Him full control or not.

If God's peace isn't the one making the decisions in your heart other voices will attempt to shake you up. An unexpected notice in the mail will speak to you and tell you it's time to get upset about whatever it is saying. It will shout in your ear that this bill, this delinquent notice, this court summons, this foreclosure notice is bad, bad news. So you better get upset right now!!

If you haven't determined within yourself that God's peace is the wisest ruler of your heart some physical symptom will start calling your name. It will tell you, "You know I could be cancer. Eventually, all of your hair is going to fall out and you're still going to die!"

When you submit to the peace of God. He won't permit fear to have a party in your head. He will make fear back up, stand down and shut up!

Thanks for visiting. Be at peace!