Jan. 17, 2017

Have You Touched Jesus Lately?

According to Luke 8:43-48 a woman pressed her way to Jesus. When Jesus is touched in faith, He knows it. He siad, "Somebody touched Me." The question is, Is that somebody you? Have you pressed your way into His presence lately? Have you ignored what people may say or think in order to pursue Him fully?

The passage in Luke relates that this woman touched the border of Jesus' garment. So it wasn't the flesh of her hand brushing against his foot, ankle or calf that got His attention. She made no contact with His physical person. Her faith is what distinguished her among all the crowd that had swarmed and thronged Him.

The power of Jesus responded to her faith without His specific or intentional permission. Her faith engaged Him so noticeably that He wanted to know "Who touched Me?" When no person acknowledged the extraordinary contact, Peter and those with Him offered a reasonable response what they believed was an unreasonable question. As if Jesus didn't already know it, they pointed out to Him that the whole crowd was pressing and clamoring against Him.

Even though a multitude was present in that place, only two people participated in a silent but explosive exchange. Faith without works is dead. In order to be effective, faith has to demonstrate some corresponding action. The woman could have sat home all day saying, "I know Jesus can heal me." But the work of faith caused her to get up and move toward where He was despite all of the obstacles. The work of her faith moved beyond every adversity. Her body was probably weak. She may have come from a considerable distance. Because of her blood condition she was not permitted to be out in public. She didn't allow any of these circumstances to hinder her resolve or progress.

Have you touched Jesus lately? Have you believed His Word beyond every criticism? Have you trusted Him and shunned doubt? Have you pressed into Him in such a way that He took specific notice of your faith and tenacity? Have you rebuked fear and renewed faith in every area of your living?

Faith has to be based on God's Word of Truth. Study the Word of God. Believe it and Live it. Utilize that faith every day. When the odds of life say something different, seek the Word and act on it. Touch Jesus with your faith in Him! His virtue or power will bless your life abundantly.