Dec. 27, 2016

Integrity or Insanity ? - Conclusion

Each of us chooses our influencers. We can be influenced by things that are healthy and beneficial. We can also allow relationships, habits and circumstances into our lives that are harmful and do not promote a favorable lifestyle or attitude. Saul listened to and was overwhelmed by thoughts and fears that had no real basis. David was not a threat to Saul's reign, his family or his legacy. God chose Saul and equipped him to assume the role as king of Israel. All Saul had to do was follow the leadership of the true King, the Lord God.

This is an epic example of how focusing on the wrong things can tragically influence a person's thoughts and actions. Saul was tormented, enraged and ravaged by the spirit of fear. In complete contrast, David's words and actions declare the sentiments of his heart and spirit. The Bible does not record that David ever spoke ill of Saul. Even after Saul's death David spoke well of him. Some people would have taken the opportunity to express how they "really" felt after Saul died. But David's consistency is a testament to the nature of his character. David cradled in his heart a sincere love for Saul and for Saul's family. David's heart and loyalty were undivided. Many years later the Bible shares in II Samuel 9 how David remained determined in his unwavering respect for Saul. David continued to demonstrate exceptional regard for the family of Saul. David sought for any descendants of Saul so he could bless them for his friend Jonathan's sake. After all the heartache Saul caused for David, it might seem that David would feel justified in seeking Saul's remaining relatives to exact revenge. But he did not.


Leaders are faced with many overwhelming responsibilities. They need to be undergirded and supported in various ways. One of those ways is through prayer. The enemy targets anyone who has influence with other people. Prayer helps protect those who are dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God. If permitted to do so, the enemy will keep leaders busy putting out the devil's fires. That way they have little time or energy left to do the work of the Lord. People who are passionate about the Lord's work should be sensitive to preventive prayer needs. It is important to pray to keep evils from happening instead of only praying after the enemy has launched his attack.

When a ministry or a person crosses your mind, pray for them. Pray that the path of God for them is smoother. Pray for their strength, their focus and the wisdom of God to guide all aspects of their lives. Pray that they are fortified against the pitfalls of discouragement, fear and procrastination. Pray that the Spirit of God has liberty to unction them from the inside and liberty to orchestrate godly possibilities for them on the outside. Obedience and submission give the Holy Spirit freedom to operate abundantly in life and ministry.

Choose integrity. Refuse insanity. It is insane to follow any avenue other than the one God has ordained for your life. Serve Him well.

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