Dec. 18, 2016

Integrity or Insanity? - Part 5

I Samuel 22:17

After Ahimilech the priest declares before Saul all that David did to honor Saul, Saul finally refers to him as 'David' instead of 'the son of Jesse'. The truth spoken in God will even cause the enemy to acknowledge who you are in the Lord and who He called you to be in the kingdom.

I Samuel 23:16-17

Jonathan, the son of Saul, pronounces the Lord's decree over David's life: "The enemy won't find you and you will be king over israel." God can cause the person who is the natural heir to identify, agree with and celebrate your position as the divine heir in the kingdom of God.

We have seen how Saul referred to David. Now let's look at David's references to Saul. In contrast to Saul's anger, frustrations, murders and acts of a maniac David only speaks well of Saul. David continues to conduct himself wisely and shows mercy to Saul when none was shown to him from Saul. Very few people highlight the grace of God in this manner. Most of us do not resist the temptation to seek at least a little revenge toward our accusers. David's heart and spirit honor Saul despite Saul's jealousy, deception and relentless pursuit to kill him. This is how David spoke of Saul or addressed him:

I Samuel 24:6 "my master, the LORD'S anointed"

I Samuel 24:10 "my Lord; for he is the LORD'S anointed"

I Samuel 24:11 "my father"

I Samuel 26:9 "the LORD'S anointed"

I Samuel 26:16 "the LORD'S anointed"

I Samuel 26:19 "my Lord the king"

I Samuel 26:23 "the LORD'S anointed"

Even after Saul's death, when some people would have ceased to acknowledge God's appointment over his life, David still gives Saul respect.

II Samuel 1:14 "the LORD'S anointed"

II Samuel 1:16 "the LORD'S anointed"

This is a good time to take inventory of the contents of our own heart. What is lurking or swirling around in there that may not be beneficial? I doubt if any of us have been pursued unjustly as David was. And yet he remained loyal to God and who God ordained him to be. David didn't allow the antics of the enemy to veer him off course. Stay the course that God has set for you. The devil did so much to discourage, disappoint and distract David. But by the help of the Lord, we can also overcome any misfortune, misuse and abuse. Stay focused on God.

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