Dec. 4, 2016

Integrity or Insanity? - Part 4

From this discussion of the relationship between Saul and David we observe two primary tactics of the enemy:

1. To convince us that we are not who God says we are.

2. To convince other people that we are not who we profess to be in the Lord.

Saul's murderous attacks against David were relentless. His jealousy drove him to imagine all kinds of rebellion on David's part. All of Saul's fears were unfounded. His suspicions against David were rooted in fear, not truth. If Saul had conducted his reign with the integrity of a king, he would have enjoyed a flourishing and prosperous reign as the first king of Israel. Instead he was besieged by overwhelming envy, which lead to fear, which poisoned his mind. Instead of being remembered as a valiant warrior, Saul is characterized as a crazed and insecure lunatic. He died with his mind shrouded in insanity.

Each one of us chooses what we believe. We can choose to listen to the irrational voices of fear and envy or we can choose to believe the Word of God. No one can force us to believe anything. We choose. Without controversy, the Word of God is truth. What He says about you is truth. Choose to live as a king and a priest. If you have chosen God's will for your life, that's who you are, a king and a priest. You were made to rule and to serve. To serve God and rule in His kingdom.

The enemy makes suggestions and innuendos. He wants the people of God to doubt Him and to doubt each other. He is an accuser of the brethren. Satan wants people to be uncertain about God and His people. But that is all the enemy can do. He cannot snatch away integrity. He cannot damage a person's character. He may seek to tarnish someone's reputation (what people think of you). But he cannot alter your character (the moral qualities you possess and live by).

Since the evil one cannot change or destroy the destiny of God's people, he tries to get us to abort our assignments. Some of his tactics include bombarding a person with implications that they are not the Called and Elect of God. Then he creates circumstances and situations that seem to support his lies. Those who buy in to his plots become discouraged and quit.

But GOD! God always has methods and people to encourage and fuel the fire of God in us. He puts plans in motion that keep us pointed and moving in the right direction. God lights a fire under us and in us that ignites a passion for godly pursuits. As mentioned before, Saul and Doeg tried to bind David to his natural roots by referring to him as 'the son of Jesse'. But God had people strategically placed who spoke of David's divine heritage and referred to him in that manner.

  • I Samuel 20:28 - Jonathan, heir to the throne of Israel, calls him 'David' which means 'beloved' in Hebrew
  • I Samuel 21:11 - the servants of Achish, the king of Gath, called him 'David, the king of the land'
  • I Samuel 22:14 - Ahimelek the priest calls him 'David' and reminds Saul of his many virtues on Saul's behalf

Notice the elevation of expressions concerning David. What the devil says and does is sorely insignificant in comparison to what God says and does. Actually, there is no comparison. The Father of Glory always has someone who recognizes your worth in the kingdom and will declare it in the face of the enemy. The Word of God will refute the lies and schemes of the enemy and will celebrate God in you!