Sep. 14, 2016

What Are You Wearing? - Conclusion

Be Recognized Not Disguised

Sometimes people don't want to be recognized as royal citizens. There are several instances in the Bible where people disguised themselves in an attempt  to  conceal their identity. One such account is recorded in I Samuel 28 when Saul, king of Israel, visits a woman who deals in witchcraft. Saul was in trouble and the Lord no longer communicated with him. Saul wanted advice and the prophet Samuel was dead. In his fear and desperation he sought help through ungodly means. Saul did not want to be recognized as king of Israel at this time. He changed his clothes and made the journey under the cloak of darkness. The intent of a disguise is to deceive.

Unfortunately, there are times when the people of God don't want to be recognized as royal citizens. We want to lay our divine citizenship aside so we can behave like everyone else. During her husband's first term as President of the United States, Michelle Obama was spotted shopping at Target. In order not to stand out among the other shoppers she was dressed in very casual clothes and had her hair tucked under a low sitting baseball cap that partially shadowed her face. I imagine she just wanted to have a normal shopping experience like she had no doubt done countless numbers of times before. But life had dramatically changed since she was ushered into the very center of the political arena.

I Samuel 21:10-15 records an occasion where David feigns insanity and presents himself as a mentally deranged person. He behaved in a manner that was out of character because he didn't want to be recognized by the king of the land of Gath.

Each person mentioned above had a different reason for not wanting to be recognized. Saul was fearful and desperate and wanted direction on how to proceed. Mrs. Obama wanted to do a little shopping in peace. David wanted to preserve his life and safety.

So what are you wearing? Are you royally attired in a manner that is consistent with your kingdom citizenship? Are you wearing the robe of righteousness that the Lord has provided for you? Or are you slumming and dressing down? Don't shed your royal wear for any reason. The only time we feel uncomfortable in godly garb is when we decide to act, speak or live in a manner that is contrary to who the Lord ordained us to be.

I have heard people accuse their clothes of bring uncomfortable. I do it too. But actually it's us. We are uncomfortable in the clothes. We begin to fidgit in our godly garments when we don't live like what we're to wear. Dress like a king and a priest. And live like a king and a priest.

In John 4:9 a woman of Samaria recognizes Jesus as a Jewish man. By what means does she do this? Probably by

  • how He looked or His physical characteristics
  • how He spoke - the language and dialect or accent with which He spoke
  • how He was dressed

When people encounter us who do they perceive us to be based on the three observations above? Am I wearing a mad face or a glad face? Am I speaking a heavenly language or gutter talk? Am I well dressed or barely clothed?

The call to kingdom citizenship is serious. It is vital to be fully and appropriately clothed. We represent The King. There isn't anything that should cause us to lay aside the holy covering that has been provided for us.

Until next time...thanks for reading.