Jun. 16, 2016

Still Fasting Financially

I forgot to mention that when I left work Tuesday and got to the car, one of the back windows was almost halfway down. I thought I had accidentally left it down. But when I pressed the power button to roll it up nothing happened. Within the last few years, one-by-one all the other windows stopped working. I called the repair place I had used before but the receptionist was driving and couldn't write my information. Since it was evening, I told her I would just call back the next day.

Shortly after ending the call with her...you guessed it...THE FAST! Getting the window repaired is not an emergency. I can have it fixed when the fast is over. I still have a roll of duct tape that I purchased when window #3 went on the fritz. So for now the window is duct taped and I didn't interrupt the fast.

Day 6 Tuesday - The day was uneventful until about 1:18pm. The Spirit of the Lord began to converse with me. He spoke into my spirit that He is giving me exactly what I asked for. I had asked for not just one avenue but streams of income. He said I will have exactly what I need. These are some of the principles He shared with me concerning this consecration.

  • Obedience is key. A key is used to unlock. Obedience creates or makes access to opportunities that others do not experience.
  • When the Lord gives an impartation that gift or knowledge or ability will operate in the person to whom it was given without them even trying. The gift, knowledge or ability always belongs to the Lord. He entrusts the person to whom He has endowed with it to be a good steward. The person is to operate in Love and Wisdom.
  • I have been a supporter of a particular ministry for about a year or so, I think. Recently I received communication from that ministry that the donation to them (it is automatically paid from a checking account) had not been received. I thought that was odd but had no unction in my spirit to investigate the matter. I have other payments issued from that same account and no one else had contacted me about not receiving payment. So I figured it was an issue on their end and eventually they would figure it out. The Lord communicated to me that He stopped the donation because the purpose has been fulfilled. Money has a mission. The assignment for that money has been fulfilled and now something different will be instituted. I don't know what it is yet.
  • The purpose of this fast is to gain Financial Wisdom. The foundation of Financial Wisdom has nothing to do with money or investment strategies. It begins with Humility and Obedience. These two operate like cement mix and water. The dry element and the liquid element must be mixed together to yield a substance that is strong and stable enough to support what is going to be built upon it.
  • Money has an assignment: large money = large assignment; small money = small assignment. Many people are not successful with the large or the small because they are missing the proper foundation. Obedience is KEY and Humility qualifies a person to have the Key. A person who lacks humility won't be obedient. Financial Wisdom begins with Humility and Obedience. That's the foundation.

Day 7 Wednesday - This is a day of Rest. It has been a day of spiritual quietness and relaxation. It has been a day not filled with a lot of speaking in tongues, not a lot of praying, no spiritual warfare, not much revelation...just Spiritual Rest.