Jun. 14, 2016

Financial Fast Continued

Day 4 Sunday - A sandstone and white patterned skirt seemed like the outfit for today. I have never worn the skirt and planned to top it with a white buttoned down shirt, singed with a hot melon vest and matching shoes. The only problem is I don't own a sizzling melon vest or shoes. It would have been so fun to trot over to Kohl's in search of the items I wanted. But I do have black though and since fashion shopping won't be on the agenda for awhile, I decided to wear the black vest and shoes. As it turns out, I couldn't locate the vest. It is quite probably buried on a hanger under about 3 other garments. So a completely different ensemble was located and worn. Not nearly as exciting as the original planned summery fashion. Blah.

Day 5 Monday - There were a few fasting challenges today. The first one concerns a book I want to give my granddaughter during her graduation party in about 2 weeks. It's a short picture book that I wrote a couple of months ago. It offers some simple advice about life and I thought it would be a meaningful gift for her as she ventures off to college. That book and 3 others were in my online cart when the Financial Fast popped into my head. Even though I would like for her to have the book for the party, it isn't critical. I was disappointed that I had to cancel the order but grateful that the Spirit of the Lord reminded me of the fast before I had completed the purchase.

Later in the day I was thinking of a recipe that I would like to modify and try. Unfortunately, I only have 3 of the 8 or 9 ingredients it calls for. So that idea is on the back burner until a later time.

In anticipation of a Financial Fast, some people try to think of everything they might want or need and stock up on everything like they are about to get on the ark with Noah. This kind of thinking at the very least minimizes the desired results. Attempting to make provision for the desires of the flesh may actually completely nullify the consecration and no benefits are realized at all. A major component of a consecration is to deny the flesh. What's the point of 'pretending' to obey God and not reaping any of the benefits? Be honest with the Lord and be honest with yourself. The Lord loves a cheerful giver. Are you giving of your time, talents and resources cheerfully? Or do you moan and complain every step of the way?

In a previous post, I mentioned that I would be needing eyebrow enhancer SOON!! It's a little scary to think that I might run out and won't be able to buy anymore for a season. I was envisioning getting a cinnamon stick out of the spice cupboard and trying to sharpen the end enough to draw on some brows. Whew...a horrible vision! But the Father had mercy on me!! In the mail today a sample of Brow Enhancer Gel was delivered. I was so happy. Am excited to try it... although I looked at 'before' and 'after' photos on the website and the 'after' photos aren't that great. But hey, I am willing to take a chance that this gel is better than nothing!

The final challenge for today was I wanted to get 3 McDonald gift cards: two as birthday gifts and one as a thank you acknowledgment. However, these gift cards are not essential so I will have to wait a while.