Apr. 28, 2016

Don't Just Look At What You See - Conclusion


The Path From Poverty to Provision and Promise


God used Gideon to deliver Israel from the hand of the Midianites. But there was a path that had to be followed. They couldn’t just jump from where they had been the last seven years and land right into God’s provision and promise. Judges 6 describes the path from Poverty to Provision and Promise. If you are in a similar situation, you can be free and victorious just as Gideon was. Here is how he did it.

      Judges 6

  1. Verse 6 – become dissatisfied with the situation to the point of repentance and desire a change of mind and heart. Sincerely call on the Lord for help.
  2. Verse 7 thru 14 – when the Lord answers recognize his Word, acknowledge His Word and agree with His Word.
  3. Verse 15 – don’t just look at what you see. Understand that disobedience does cloud your vision. Know that we don’t see as God sees when our lives haven’t lined up with His Will and Word. Realize that lawlessness does impaired vision and dulls the senses rendering them unreliable. Therefore, our own judgment cannot be trusted until we have regained the mind of Christ and the vision of the Kingdom. At this time in the journey we must trust the Word of the Lord. Relying on our own thoughts, strengths and strategies will only delay our deliverance. Accept your assignment even if you think you can’t do it. Multiple failed attempts to overcome the enemy and defend his goods and property caused Gideon to see himself and his family as small, powerless and inadequate. We have all suffered loss and failed to meet God’s expectations but that does not change how He sees us. He always sees us as the Victorious Vessel He designed us to be.
  4. Verse 16 – all we need is a Word from the Lord. Find out what God has to say about your situation then stand on it. Trust Him to work it out. This is the turning point. Right here is where we have the opportunity to get back on board with God or choose another way.
  5. Verse 17 – verbalize your faith and agreement
  6. Verses 18 thru 19 – support your words with corresponding action that honors God. Express your worship, gratitude and appreciation even before anything appears to be any different.
  7. Verses 20 thru 27 – thoroughly follow the instructions. Verse 24 – securely establish God in your life and surroundings. Verses 25 thru 27 – omit or destroy all representations of the presence or influence of the enemy out of your life, family and community.
  8. Verse 30 – the enemy won’t let you go easily. He will challenge your recommitment. Stand strong. Even when we do what is right and best it will be challenged by the people who will benefit from it the most.
  9. Verse 31 – you are not alone. God always has someone who will support and encourage your desire and decision to serve the Lord.
  10. Verse 32 – people will notice your journey for God and see you differently.
  11. Verse 33 – making a change to move deeper into the Lord and His ways will not stop the enemy. The enemy will still gather forces against us but we have nothing to fear.
  12. Verses 34 thru 40 – stay connected to God. Some people begin to see a little daylight and they let go of God’s hand, take the ball and run with it. Keep seeking His Word, following His instructions and being guided by His wisdom. Without Him we have no hope of success. With Him we have no possibility of anything but victory. Every person’s journey is different. We are not to sit in judgment of another person’s road to success.



Job 23:10

But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.


Job understood that God’s ways are not our ways and His way of thinking is vastly beyond ours: so much so that there is no comparison. But the Lord God Almighty knows every minute detail about each one of us even before we were conceived. He knows the best way to get the results that He desires in order to fulfill His purposes for our lives. If we were given a choice very few of us would choose the exact path our lives take. But Job expresses a confidence that we should always keep in mind: the Lord tests us for our own good. The challenges we face are designed to develop characteristics that will encourage our strength and growth in the Lord.