Feb. 8, 2016


This turnaround concerns a woman dealing with an incurable physical condition.


The Issue - Matthew 9:20

And behold, a woman who had suffered from a flow of blood for 12 years came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His garment.

This woman was limited physically, socially and financially because of her condition. Her self-image was undoubtedly affected, as well as her relationships with friends and family.

The Turnaround - Matthew 9:21-22

For she kept saying to herself, If I only touch His garment, I shall be restored to health.

Jesus turned around and seeing her, He said, Take courage, daughter! Your faith has made you well. And at once the woman was restored to health.

Other biblical versions record that the woman was 'made whole'. Her health was restored but so was her ability and desire to socialize, develop friendships and relationships and the opportunity to build financial stability. She now had the liberty to explore and nurture her creative gifts and talents, her ministries and all the godly desires that were placed in her before she was born.

Sometimes we simply accept an ungodly disability. We alter our lives and expectations around this 'sickness' that plagues our lives. An ungodly disability is anything that hinders us from doing what God called us to do and being who He designed us to be. Our Father has given us access to everything that pertains to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him (2 Peter 1:3). Instead of minimizing our expectations, we are to seek the Lord for our Turnaround. We are to get free, stay free and fulfill the destiny for which we have been called.

Part 4 coming soon!